The Information Industry has been growing rapidly with the ever-increasing need of the global market for individuals trained in Information Technology & Management. In line with this trend, Takming College offered a program on Technological Logistics in two separate Day & Evening programs in 1989. In 1994, the College modified the program into an Information Administration course, which was later again revised as a full program within the Information Management Department in 2002;and most recently, in 2003, the program came to be offered as Information Technology and finally, as Multi-media Design in 2004.
Experts like Mrs.Yuh-Jun Tsay , Mr. Kun-I Liou, Mr. Jiann-Fu Lin , Mr. An-Bang Wang , Mr. Ching-Her Huang ĦB Mr. Cheng-Hsien Mr. Chin-ching chiu and Ruei-Shan Lu Hsu led the beginnings of the Information Management Department at Takming College. In 2008, Mrs. I-Hui Hwang chaired the Department guiding its development towards contracting agreements of Cooperated Education with commercial entities in the country, coaching students to participate and gather major prizes in nationwide competitions in Information Management and Tele-communications. Based on the Key Performance Index (KPI), the Department fully enjoys the prestige of being the top among the departments at the University.
Information Technology companies have been sprouting bountifully during the recent past years in Nei Hu. Strategically located in this same area, through the active cooperation of the brilliant and hardworking professors of the Department, Takming University of Science adn Technology has been signing contracts with the nearby companies, leading to numerous opportunities of cooperation with each other. The graduates of the University who excel in both character and technological know-how are also the key participants in this active collaboration between the University and business enterprises in the community.